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Share site access with Shifter support
Share site access with Shifter support

How to share temporary access to your site for troubleshooting.

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In the event that our team needs hands-on access to your WordPress site for troubleshooting, testing, or collaboration here's how to securely grant temporary access and revoke it.

Summary / TL;DR

Sharing site access with Shifter support is based on the teams feature available for all tiers excluding free and free trials.

  1. Create a new team for this purpose or use an existing team

  2. Add your site to that team

  3. Invite our support account to join the team with the highest member role.

Sharing access

Create a new team

Some users choose to create a unique team for this purpose since sites can be a part of more than one team. For example, creating a team called Shifter Support can be helpful to quickly identify what accounts you've share access with.

If your site is not a part of any team yet this may be the preferred option.

Using an existing team

Using an existing team is fine as well. Using an existing team may be helpful for our support team if we need to collaborate with multiple members based on their availability such as location and preferred language.

Share access with our support team

To share access, add our support account as a member to the team with your site. Invite our support account as a member with the highest role which is member.

Use as the email to invite to your team.

Revoking Access

Once the support request is complete you can revoke our support teams access to your site my removing the support account from your team or removing the site from the team you created for this purpose.


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