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Shifter key features explained

Some key features explained and how our hosting infrastructure makes Shifter unique.

Shifter security features explained

How Shifter protects your WordPress site against attacks

Managing your Shifter Account

Creating sites on Shifter

Getting started or creating your first WordPress site on Shifter

Migrating to Shifter

Migrate an existing WordPress site in just a few clicks.

Custom Domains

Assign a custom domain to your site

Shifter Teams

Shifter Webhooks

Send a request another service to do something when events happen with your sites.

Developing with Shifter

Features and tips for developing your site on Shifter.

WordPress Integrations & Guides

Shifter integrations

Integrating with other SaaS or services

WordPress PWA

Build a Progress Web App using WordPress and Shifter

Shifter API



Sitemaps & SEO


WordPress eCommerce

Building an online store using WordPress and Shifter

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