Send invitation mail

1. On the Shifter dashboard, navigate to teams from the main menu.

2. Click the team that you wish to manage. 

3. From the Teams view, navigate to Members in the sub menu. 

4. Invite member

Click the "Add Member" button to invite new member(s).

5. Enter new members email in the field and click "Send Invitation"

Be sure to ask your newly invited member to check their spam folder if they are not receiving the emailed invitation.


Actions for Invited members

  1. Sign up for Shifter
    You may sign up for Shifter by clicking invitation link in the email. The invitation link expires in 48 hours.
  2. Activate your Shifter account
    Once a new member has signed up for a Shifter account, they will receive an account activation email. Click the activation link in the email to finish setting up your account. 
  3. Join Team
    New members may join the team to which they have been invited by clicking the authorization link in the invitation email.
  4. View Team Sites
    Once a new member has been added to a team they will be able to view all sites belonging to that team.


Status of invited members

  • pending_with_create : Shifter is still waiting for invited member to sign up and activate their Shifter account.
  • approved: Approved. Member has been approved and has joined your team.


If an Invited member can not access the shared site and they are receiving the following message: 

Error message: You have not been invited to any Teams. Please ask your collaborator about your invitation status.

Reason: Member hasn't complete Team's authorization after creating their Shifter account.

Solution: Be sure that your invited member checks their email inbox and spam folders to find their authorization email. Below is the general Subject and Body of the activation email. If an invited member has not recieved an activation email, please contact support.

You have been invited <Team name> to organization by <Owner name>

Please Log in with invited User, then approve this invitation by clicking the following link
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