Send invitation mail

1. Navigate to [Team] menu after login to Shifter.

2. Click [Manage] button on the Team to add member

3. Invite member

Click [Add Member] button to invite member(s).

4. Fill in the fields and submit.

Please tell him who you invited, to check mail and click login URL in a mail he's gotten and overwrite temporary password to activate his account.


Actions for Invited members

  1. Sign up Shifter by clicking invitation link on email. The invitation link expires in 48 hours.
  2. Activate your Shifter account. Receive an email and activate by clicking account activation link on it.
  3. Join invited Team by clicking authorisation link in the email.
  4. You'll get list of sites belonged to the Team.


Status of invited members

  • pending_with_create : Waiting for invite member to sign up to Shifter.
  • approved: Approved. Member has joined your team.



Invited member could not access the shared site with the following message: 

Error message: You have not been invited any Team. Please ask your collaborator about your invitation status.

Reason: Member hasn't complete Team's authorisation after creating his Shifter account.

Solution: Make sure your mailbox and find authorisation email. Subject and Body is below. If you didn't get it, ask owner of the Team.

You have been invited <Team name> to organization by <Owner name>

Please Log in with invited User, then approve this invitation by clicking the following link
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