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Setting up Shifter Teams
Setting up Shifter Teams

This article describe how to set up and handle Team feature.

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1. Navigate to [Team] menu after login to Shifter.

2. Click [Create New Team]

3. Fill in fields then click [Create]

4. Invite member

It enables you to add sub users who can start/modify/generate/publish Team-belonged sites.
Please tell him who you invited, to check mail and click login URL in a mail he's gotten and overwrite temporary password to activate his account.

5. Add Site

One or more site you can add to Team.
Select them and click [Add the sites]

6. Check the belonged sites 

Click [View Sites] to access Team belonged sites.

7. Start WordPress and publish an artifact.

Navigate to Team site, and click [Start WordPress] then login it.
After writing posts, customising themes or plugins, stop WordPress, generate artifact and publish as a usual Shifter processes.
For more details for handling WordPress, generating or publishing artifact, please check out our document: Creating an Artifact or Get Started with Shifter.

After generate an article by owner of Team or any member,  it will be published automatically, if Automate Publish is enabled.
Check out our document How to disable Automate Publish to disable this feature.

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