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Shifter Algolia Search
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What is Shifter Algolia integration?

Shifter provides a full-text search function by Algolia. With the introduction of Algolia, it is overwhelmingly better than the WordPress default in the site italicized with Shifter.

It was said that it was challenging to implement search within a site in conventional static sites, and installing a satisfactory search function took a lot of work. We solved these problems by partnering with Algolia.

Benefits of using full-text search with Algolia

  • Enjoy the premium search experience powered by Algolia.

  • Ability to search, including custom fields within WordPress.

  • You can control the items you want to search for and display

Features and pricing

  • Records are created from content on published deployment.

  • Available for Tier 1 or higher plan.

  • Free for 10000 requests per month and 10000 records.

  • $10 for additional 10000 records and 10000 requests.

How to use, FAQs

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