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This article is a dedicated branch of "Custom Domains on Shifter" for Value Domain. Before following the instructions, you'll need to follow "Custom Domains on Shifter" to register domain name to Shifter and get domain verification records. 


Sample domain, DNS records


example.com , www.example.com 

Sample Records

Name: _abcde.example.com  
Value: _01234.acm-validations.aws. 

Name: _hijkl.www.example.com
Value: _56789.acm-validations.aws. 


Setting up DNS records on Value Domain

1. Navigate Login page


2. Navigate to [ドメインの設定操作] from [ドメイン]

3. Click [DNS/URL] button

4. Input validation record per one line

Make sure that each value should be separated with a white space.

cname _abcde _01234.acm-validations.aws.
cname _hijkl.www _56789.acm-validations.aws.

5. Click [保存] button to save changes.


6. Add ALIAS and CNAME.

After completed domain verification, let's set up ALIAS and CNAME record for your domain name.

For example.com  (without subdomain)
Add the below record to new line.

cname @ def456.cloudfront.net.

For www.example.com (with www-subdomain)

Add the below record to new line.

 cname www abc123.on.getshifter.io.


cname www def456.cloudfront.net.

Note: never remove validation codes.


7. Save changes to click [保存] button


That's all!

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