Custom domains are available for any sites on a paid plan.

Important Notes

Before starting adding a custom domain there are a few key things to note:

  • DNS servers or providers should accept the DNS records start with _  (underscore/underbar) for verifying domains. Please ask your DNS provider supports underscore DNS records.
    DNS provider supports underscore records: Route 53, GoDaddy, NameCheap, and MuuMuu Domain.
  • Modifying TXT or MX/Email records is not required for setting up a custom domain. Changing those records may result in unexpected outcomes. The only records related to setting up a custom domain name on Shifter are CNAMES, ANAMES, or ALIAS, depending on your DNS provider.

How Shifter Custom Domains Work

Shifter uses CNAMES for custom domains. This works like a "mask" of the Shifter domain created with each site.

For example, is masked with

Using non-www domains

If you want to assign a non-www domain such as, your DNS provider must support ALIAS Records.
Non-www domains are commonly referred to as naked or apex domains. If you are not sure if your DNS provider supports them, contact your provider or check their documentation. 

Adding a Custom Domain

Before we can add a custom domain name we must first verify the domains ownership to enable HTTPs. This will help ensure that all site traffic is secure. HTTPs is required for all Shifter sites and is enabled by default.

Once your domain is verified and ready we'll be adding a CNAME record like this to enable that custom domain.

Custom  URL
Shifter URL
 | Host or Name | Type  |         Value                |
 | www          | CNAME | |

Before jumping into the specifics, here's a brief overview of how-to enable a custom domain on Shifter.
Shifter uses only CANAME, if you have mail server (MX ), do not delete or overwrite current records.

Step by step guide

Over view

  1. Verify ownership for your domain to enable HTTPs
  2. Create a CNAME record of your Custom URL
  3. Generate your site for replacing old URLs with your Custom URL

"Verify ownership for your domain to enable HTTPs"

1. Log into the Shifter Dashboard 

2. Navigate to the Domain Settings of your site

3. Add a valid domain using the Add a Domain form

4. Copy your custom domains verification records

5. Add your verification records to your DNS

In this example, we are using Amazon's Route53 DNS service. Depending on your provider this screen may look different however, the steps are the same.

| Name  | _abc123.www
| Type  | CNAME
| Value |

6. Wait for the domain status to go from pending to verified

Successfully adding the these records correctly, it will only take a few minutes to validate your domain. Once valid, we can attach the domain for use.

Note: If you fail to validate your domain, make sure the added records to your DNS provider is not contain your domain name.
For example, if you input , it should be _abc123.www  .

"Create a CNAME record of your Custom URL"

7. Create a CNAME record to mask the Shifter URL with a Custom URL

8. Attach your custom domain

"Generate your site for replacing old URLs with your Custom URL"

9. Generate a custom domain attached artifact

Please note. After attaching custom domain to and artifact, generate it again for replacing Shifter's URLs  (e.g. to your custom domain on your contents.

10. Access to attached custom domain.

That's all!


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