Status of domain verification


In processing domain name verification or waiting for applying its verification code to the DNS record.


Domain name verification has done and SSL digital certificate has issued. Your domain name is waiting to assign your site and is published.

Verification timed out

Verification timed out: Due to expire domain name verification code, Shifter could not check your domain name. Remove verification-timed-out domain name then issue new verification code. Verification code expires 72 hours since its issued. Apply the DNS records before expiration.

Need to Update

Due to deleting verification code from the DNS record, Shifter fail to SSL certificate while renewing it. Click [Need to Update] button and issue verification code then set it to the DNS record.


Are you having trouble?

Domain name validation will be done in a couple of minutes.
If your domain name status is still pending or another status, contact to support desk with the following data: 

  • Site ID
  • The domain name you're trying to verify.
  • Error message on Shifter dashboard or screenshot of it while you attempted to prove.
  • The settings of the domain name's DNS or screenshot of them.
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