What is transferring the ownership of sites?

Transferring ownership is the assignment of all rights, resources and billing subscriptions of the sites to the new user without missing or deleting anything.


Former owner

Once site transfer succeeded, the former owner lose the right to access the site on Shifter dashboard. If still need it, ask the new owner to send a team invitation.

New owner

The new owner must register a valid credit card to pay the transferred site's subscription.

Sending Site transfer request from the former owner

Actions for users who want to transfer the site

1. Log in to Shifter dashboard

2. Navigate to the Site you want to transfer

3. Click [Site Transfer] under "Subscription"

4. Input the user name of the new owner

The only username is accepted, not an email address.

5. Input the user name of the prospective new owner, then click [Send Transfer Request]

6. Site transfer request has been sent to the new owner.

Receiving and processing Site transfer requests by the new owner

Actions for users who want to accept site transfer

1. Login Shifter Dashboard

2. Pending transfers will appear and the transferring site is displayed.

3. Click the [Approve] button on the site.

4. Input confirm to the text field then click [Approve]

5. Navigate to the @default team to make sure the transferred site has been added to the @default team.

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