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Managing your Shifter Account
How to Delete Your Shifter Account
How to Delete Your Shifter Account

Deleting or removing Shifter account.

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Before you proceed

If you own any Shifter Static or Headless sites, or associated domain names, you cannot delete your account because Shifter protects against accidental deletion. You'll need to delete all resources from Shifter first.

How to proceed

1. Make sure all sites are deleted

2. Navigate to the Account page

Click the Gravatar icon on the top-right of the page.

3. Go to [Account and Security]

Click the [Account and Security] menu on the left sidebar.

4. Click [Delete account]

If you see the "Need to delete all site" message like the following screenshot, go to the Site page and delete all sites.

Refer to Deleting a Site for how to do this.

5. Confirm to proceed

Input delete to the field and click the [Delete] button

6. You will be redirected to the login page after completion

That's all. We hope you'll come back.

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