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Enabling multi-factor/two-step authentication for Shifter dashboard
Enabling multi-factor/two-step authentication for Shifter dashboard

How to enable MFA/2FA authentication for Shifter dashboard

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In order for TOTP to work, you'll need to install an authenticator app on your mobile device first. We've listed a few that we recommend below.

Authenticator app

How to set up

1. Click the Gravatar icon on top of the right of the Dashboard.

2. Click [Account]

3. Navigate to "Two Factor Verification" and click [Set up Two Factor Authentication] button.

4. Choose your favourite authentication method.

We recommend choosing the "Authenticator App".

5. Scan QR code with Authenticator app and fill in the 6 digits code.

6. MFA is enabled on your account.

Let's test it

1. Logout or open the Shifter dashboard in a private window

2. Fill in credentials

3. Fill in the 6 digits code generated by the Authenticator app

4. ... then you could access the Shifter dashboard

That's all.

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