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III. Assigning a domain name to the site and create a new artifact

1. Mak sure the status of the domain is "Ready"

Verification may take a few minutes to 60 minutes. You can click the [Resync DNS Verification Code] button to sync again. Once the domain name is verified, we can attach the domain for use.

Note: If you fail to validate your domain, make sure the added records to your DNS provider.

As above sample, input record would be _abc123.www, not

2. Attach your custom domain

Click [Attach domain to live site] button to assign domains to the Site.

3. Confirm

Click the [Attach domain] button to proceed.

4. Domain name is assigned

5. Copy [Record Value]

Copy [Value] which should be set DNS server as ALIAS and/or CNAME record.

6. Generate domain name applied artifact

Click the [Build Deploy] button to create an artifact.

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