How to apply

Insert following filter to functions.php on your theme.


add_filter( 'ShifterURLS::CheckURL', function ($correct_link, $link));

Return false to the paths, you want to exclude.


  • URLs should be provided or by WordPress.

  • URLs to CSS, JS or other assets are not excluded.


Sample Code A

Omit URLs that contain /archive/ from the Generator's target URLs.

In this sample, the function expands regular expressions of the given URLs and compares them. Then it returns `false if URLs contain /archive/.

add_filter( 'ShifterURLS::CheckURL', function ($correct_link, $link) { 
// omitting every URLs which contains /archive/ from the Generator's target URLs.
if ( preg_match( '#/archive/#', $link ) ) {
$correct_link = false;
return $correct_link;
}, 10, 2);

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