Qubo is a contact form and surveys SaaS with a multi-language form, confirmation page, email notifications. Of course, it runs on Shifter!

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Qubo is a contact form and survey SaaS.

Create a new form

1. Log in to Qubo's control panel

If you don't have an account, request 14 days free trial

2. Click the [新規作成] button to create a form

3. Input field, then click [作成] button

4. The form is created.

Let's add some details.

5. 環境設定


Never forget to change [すぐに公開] under フォームの公開設定 section to make it public.




6. 入力画面編集

Drag and drop the parts then set up necessary items.

7. 確認画面

Modify the required field.

8. Save changes

Click [この内容で登録する] under each page.

9. Back to form list page

Get embed tags

1. Click [埋め込みタグ表示]

To get embedding code, click [埋め込みタグ表示] button.

2. Copy the code.

Embed to a Page

1. Start WordPress and login

2. Click [Add New] under [Pages]

3. Click [+] to add block

4. input "custom HTML" and click [Custom HTML] under the Formatting menu

5. Paste copied Qubo's embed code and click [Publish]

6. Generate an artifact and confirm it works

Embed to Sidebar widget

1. Click [Custom HTML] menu

2. Choose position where you want to apply, and click [Add Widget] button

3. Paste copied code and save it

4. Generate an artifact and confirm it works

That's all!

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