Of course contact form service runs on Shifter! Set up details are here

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1. Sign up or log in Form.Run

2. Create a Team

Input [Team Name] and click [Create] button.

3. Add a new form

Click [Create new form]

4. Choose the way to build form

Click [Create form from templates] button

5. Choose the template

After choosing a template, click [このテンプレートを使う] button

6. Customise template

Once customise has been finished, click [Save] button.

7. Name the form

Input form name, then click [Create] button

8. Form has been created

Click [詳細設定] to get the code to embed

9. Navigate Embed Form

Click [Embed Form] under "Coding HTML form"

10. Set the Form page URLs, then copy the shown code

Add Redirection URL after submission, if you need.

11. The setups on Form.Run has been done.

Start WordPress, embed the form and generate

1. Login to Shifter dashboard

2. Start WordPress and login to it

3. Create a new page by clicking [Add New] under [Pages] menu

4. Add Block

Click [Add block]

Click [+] to add block

5. Input "custom html" and choose [Custom HTML] block

6. Paste the copied code and click [Publish] button.

7. Generate an artifact and confirm it works

Check submissions

Navigate to Form.Run dashboard and check the message you've sumitted.

If your submission applied, all are set!

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