Weglot and Shifter Integration

Weglot allows you to make your website multilingual. Of course, it runs on Shifter!

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The following WordPress plugins will help you to insert code provided by Weglot to the head element.

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Sign up

Click [Start your free trial] button.

Project setups

Create project

Project name: name of your Weglot project (i.e. MyWeglot project)

Website technology: choose "Other"

Click [Next] button

Set up details

  • Domain URL: URL or domain name of your website to translate.
    i.e. example.com, abc-123-def.static.getshifter.net, some-websit000.on.getshifter.io

  • Original Language: The language of your source website.
    i.e. English

  • Translated Languages: The target language you want to translate to.
    i.e. Japanese

Click [Next] button.

Copy Weglot snippet

Click the [Copy] button on the JavaScript snippet

Add copied code to your website

Back to the Shifter dashboard, then start and access WordPress.

Login to WordPress Dashboard by clicking the [Dashboard] button

Install code inserter plugin.

Refer to another support document for more details

Generate an artifact.

After adding a JavaScript snippet, generate an artefact to complete all setup steps.

Complete setup

Back to Weglot again and click [Go to my translations] button.

Check translation

Original post

The source text is the first paragraph of WordPress - Wikipedia

Click [English] menu bottom of that page.

Choose {日本語] (target language)

......and translated text (in Japanese)

That's all!

Happy to have a multilingual site!

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