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Moving media from Shifter Media CDN to WordPress local storage
Moving media from Shifter Media CDN to WordPress local storage
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Excerpt of steps

  1. Install a plugin to export media

  2. Disable Shifter Media CDN

  3. Restart WordPress and install some additional plugins to upload files, replacing paths and regenerate media's thumbnails.

  4. Generate an artiafct.

All steps

1. Start WordPress and install Export Media Library plugin to download media

..... and activate it

2. Export media

Click [Media] --> [Export]

3. Download media files

Click [Download Zip] button and make sure all media is exported.

4. Stop WordPress and disable Media CDN

Back to Shifter Dashboard, and stop WordPress then disable Media CDN

5. Click [Start WordPress] to stat WordPress (it will be started without Media CDN)

6. Install and activate File Manager plugin

7. Upload media to wp-content/uploads/ with the file manager plugin

8. Search and replace media paths manually or work with the plugin

Replace media paths on post or pages from{site-id}/ to https://{YOUR-DOMAINNAME}/ or simply /

Search and replace plugins:

9. Regenerate thumbnails

Install thumbnail regenerating plugin and regenerate media's thumbnail.

Thumbnail regenerator plugin

10. Preview

Preview all medias are uploaded and visible.

11. Generate and deploy

Let's generate an artifact.

That's all!

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