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Where are the recent changes in the latest publish?
Where are the recent changes in the latest publish?

Troubleshooting tips caching, clearing cache, first publishes and publishing changes.

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While creating new artifacts and publishes the content changes of your site may not immediately appear. Here are a few common causes and their resolutions.

CSS / Styles are missing on a newly published site


After migrating a new site or the first time you generate, Shifter will sync all content and files from your WordPress site to the static site. When the artifact generating process is complete you may view the site in your browser, however, some files may still be syncing in the background. This is common for large sites migrating to Shifter with many files in the wp-content folder.


The solution for this is to allow the syncing process to complete which depends on your site's file size and/or clear your browser's cache.

Clearing your browser cache with a hard refresh will ensure that the latest available files are downloaded and visible in your browser.

After generating a new artifact nothing has changed


While generating a new artifact and trying to view the site in the browser nothing appears to have changed.


If this sounds familiar, the first thing to check is the Shifter Auto Publish settings on your site. If the option for auto publish is not enabled you may still be viewing an older version of the site in your browser.

To resolve this, publish the latest artifact manually or enable auto publish and generate a new artifact.

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