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Creating order form with Typeform
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  • Create an account

  • Create an order form

  • Get the form URL

1. Access Typeform

2. Create an new account or sign in with Google account

3. Now you're in the Typeform dashboard.

4. Create a new online order form from template

Access below URL

Note: This template requires at least Pro plan, please make sure your plan is Pro plan or greater.

5. Click [Start with the template] button

6. You can edit template as you like

7. Click [Publish] button to make it public

8. Click [SHARE] tab

WordPress site

  • Install Typeform plugin

  • Paste copied Typeform URL

  • Generate and deploy an artifact

10. Login to Shifter dashboard

11. Start WordPress and login to it

12.Install and activate plugin

13. Search "typeform" then install, activate it.

14. Create page, post for add order form.

15. Click [Add block] button, then choose [Typeform] from the menu

16. Paste copied Typeform URL in step 9 into [Typeform URL] field

17. Click [View Typeform] to preview

18. Publish

19. Stop WordPress and generate an Artifact on Shifter dashboard

20. Confirm the form works

That's all!

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