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Building Shifter Headless Site (Web App) with Frontity Framework (React) and deploy to Vercel
Building Shifter Headless Site (Web App) with Frontity Framework (React) and deploy to Vercel
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Make sure git and npm are working correctly.


Start up a Shifter Headless site and access WordPress

1. Login to Shifter Headless dashboard

2. Start Headless WordPress


Connect Vercel

3. Sign up up for Vercel

4. Choose your favorite Git service, or sign up with an e-mail.

5. Click [Authorize New by Vercel (formerly ZEIT)] button (if you choose Git service)

6. Sign up complete


Set up a Frontity sample site

7. Git clone our sample repository to local and dive into it

$ git clone 
$ cd example-frontity-wordpress

8. Modify frontity.settings.js

Open frontity.settings.js with your favourite editor
or with vi.

$ vi frontity.settings.js

Then rewrite URL around line 5, from

"frontity": {
"url": "",


"frontity": {

Also, update line 44

"source": {
"api": ""


"source": {
"api": "https://YOUR-SHIFTER-HEADLESS-URL/wp-json"

Double check and save changes.

Additionally, you can change menu from

"menu": [
"Edge Case Category",


"menu": [
"Menu Item #1",

or anything else.
Never forget to save your changes.

Start local server

9. Install additional command for the project

$ npm install

10. Run below command to start local server

$ npm run dev

npm returns below

SERVER STARTED -- Listening @ http://localhost:3000
- mode: development
- target: module

and http://localhost:3000 will be opened up with your web browser.

11. Check that your site works

12. Push the [Control] key and [C] key to stop the server.


Build a site and deploy

13. Build site

$ npm run build

This may take a while.

14. Login to Vercel (

$ npx now login

Now CLI 18.0.0
Enter your email: YOUR-EMILADDRESS

We sent an email to YOUR-EMILADDRESS. Please follow the steps provided inside it and make sure the security code matches Kind Lion.

✔ Email confirmed
Congratulations! You are now logged in. In order to deploy something, run `now`.
💡 Connect your Git Repositories to deploy every branch push automatically (

15. Deploy the built site to Vercel (

$ npx now --prod

Now CLI 18.0.0
? Set up and deploy “example-frontity-wordpress”? [Y/n] y
? Which scope do you want to deploy to? NAME-OF-SCOPE
? Link to existing project? [y/N] n
? What’s your project’s name? example-frontity-wordpress
? In which directory is your code located? ./
🔗 Linked to NAME-OF-SCOPE/example-frontity-wordpress (created .now)
🔍 Inspect: [5s]
✅ Production: [copied to clipboard] [56s]

16. Open Production URL with a web browser

That's all!

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