Make sure git and npm are working correctly.


Start up a Shifter Headless site and access WordPress

1. Login to Shifter Headless dashboard

2. Start Headless WordPress

For more details, checkout support document: Start up Shifter Headless WordPress


Connect Vercel

3. Sign up up for Vercel 

4. Choose your favorite Git service, or sign up with an e-mail.

5. Click [Authorize New by Vercel (formerly ZEIT)] button (if you choose Git service)

6. Sign up complete


Set up a Frontity sample site

7. Git clone our sample repository to local and dive into it

$ git clone 
$ cd example-frontity-wordpress

8. Modify frontity.settings.js

Open frontity.settings.js with your favourite editor
or with vi.

$ vi frontity.settings.js

Then rewrite URL around line 5, from

"frontity": {
"url": "",


"frontity": {

Also, update line 44

"source": {
"api": ""


"source": {
"api": "https://YOUR-SHIFTER-HEADLESS-URL/wp-json"

Double check and save changes.

Additionally, you can change menu from

"menu": [
"Edge Case Category",


"menu": [
"Menu Item #1",

or anything else.
Never forget to save your changes.

Start local server

9. Install additional command for the project

$ npm install

10. Run below command to start local server

$ npm run dev

npm returns below

SERVER STARTED -- Listening @ http://localhost:3000
- mode: development
- target: module

and http://localhost:3000 will be opened up with your web browser.

11. Check that your site works

12. Push the [Control] key and [C] key to stop the server.


Build a site and deploy

13. Build site

$ npm run build

This may take a while.

14. Login to Vercel (

$ npx now login

Now CLI 18.0.0
Enter your email: YOUR-EMILADDRESS

We sent an email to YOUR-EMILADDRESS. Please follow the steps provided inside it and make sure the security code matches Kind Lion.

✔ Email confirmed
Congratulations! You are now logged in. In order to deploy something, run `now`.
💡 Connect your Git Repositories to deploy every branch push automatically (

15. Deploy the built site to Vercel (

$ npx now --prod

Now CLI 18.0.0
? Set up and deploy “example-frontity-wordpress”? [Y/n] y
? Which scope do you want to deploy to? NAME-OF-SCOPE
? Link to existing project? [y/N] n
? What’s your project’s name? example-frontity-wordpress
? In which directory is your code located? ./
🔗 Linked to NAME-OF-SCOPE/example-frontity-wordpress (created .now)
🔍 Inspect: [5s]
✅ Production: [copied to clipboard] [56s]

16. Open Production URL with a web browser

That's all!

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