Exporting data from Shifter Headless
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Some notifications for exporting data from Shifter Headless

Shifter Headless can export SQL data

SQL data will contain 

  • posts

  • pages

  • taxonomies

  • other data on the database.

Shifter Headless can not export following data:

  • All of WordPress files which contains plugins, themes

  • All of media files which are managed by Shifter Media CDN

Exporting Media

You can export media from Shifter Media CDN with enabling Export Media Library plugin on WordPress Dashboard.


Flushing storage area for All-in-One WP Migration irregularly

You can take backup with All-in-One WP Migration on WordPress Dashboard.
But Shifter Headless will flush storage area of backup data for All-in-One WP Migration plugin irregularly. Download All-in-One WP Migration backup data from WordPress dashboard if you need it.

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