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Creating contact form with Kwes
Creating contact form with Kwes
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Getting started

1. Sign up

2.Add resister web site

Click [Add Website] button to register website and input Website name.

3. Create form

Name your form and click [Add Form] button.

Click [Next] button after copying code: 

5. Copy Form code

6. Add action URL

7. Customise field

8. Add some optional field and copy it.

9. Send first submission

Before clicking [Finish], access Shifter dashboard to complete setting up a form.

10. Start WordPress from Shifter dashboard.

Back to Shifter dashboard, click [Start WordPress] button.

11. Insert script code

You can directly add code to theme's footer.php or with using plugin like Scripts n Styles, Header and Footer Scripts or other similar plugins.

We'll show you the way to install Scripts n Styles plugin and Header and Footer Scripts, and how to set them up.


i. Navigate [Plugins] --> [Add New]

ii. Search and Install the plugin

iii. Navigate to [Global] tab

iv. Paste copied script to text area of [HTML (end of the body tag)]

v. Then click [Save Changes]

Header and Footer Scripts

i. Navigate [Plugins] --> [Add New]

ii. Search and Install the plugin

iii. Click [Add new]
iv. Choose [Site Wide] from Site Display
v. Choose [Footer] from Location
vi. Paste JavaScript link on Step 4 to Snippet/Code area.
​ <script src=""></script>
vii. Click [Save] button

Access running WordPress and make sure code is shown.

12. Add Form 

i. Create page
ii. Choose [Custom HTML] from Formatting menu

iii. Paste copied form code step 8 to text area

iv. Publish

13. Send first first submission with accessing Form page

14. Click [Set As Testing Domain]

Now a form on running WordPress is set as test.

15. Back to Kwes dashboard and confirm initial submission is arrived.

16. Generate an Artifact, then publish and test form.

17. Click [Set As Live Domain]

That's all!

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