What is the User Role?

Role is new feature to manage members belonged Team.
With this feature, a team owner can permit team members who can start and stop WordPress, generate artefacts, and deploy it or edit posts.


How to add Role or edit

Checkout our another support document: How to add and edit Roles

Roles and permissions


Owner who can do everything on Shifter.
It means Owner can register domain name, create sites or Teams, generate and deploy artifacts, change billing information.


Member can Generate, manage and deploy artifacts for belonged Team.


Editor is a member of Team, can start, stop WordPress, and generate artifacts for belonged Team, but cannot deploy it. Auto Deploy will be disabled for this user.


List of Roles and operations which roles can do.

All user roles are permit to

  • Start, stop and login to WordPress.

Editor role is permit to

  • As same as the above.

Member role is permit to 

  • As same as Editor role can do.
  • Generate, preview and download Artifacts.
  • Deploy Aritfacts.

Owner role is permit to 

  • As same as Member role can
  • Create, rename, delete Sites.
  • Create, rename, delete Teams.
  • Invite user to Teams and delete users from them.
  • Register, delete domain names and assign to the Site.
  • Update billing information.


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