On Managed Domains section on Domain menu, the primary domain name is displayed on Domain, and secondary domain name is Alternative Domains.
In this case, the primary domain name is example.com , secondary domain name is www.example.com

Also, the shown URL of Overview page is primary domain name.

You can swap primary domain and alternatives on Change Attached Domain section.

Step 1. Click pulldown menu under Change Attached Domain.

Step 2. Choose alternative

Step 3. Click [Update] button to save changes and copy Record Names.


Record Name: example.com
Record Type: CNAME
Record Value: abc1234edf.on.getshifter.io


Step 4. Back to Overview page and make sure URL is updated.

Step 5.  and click Generate an artifact to apply changes.

Step 6. Access new primary domain name to check changes.

That's all!

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