Shifter can send its container URL to anywhere you want to send as a POST request.
This feature is available for Shifter Static Tier 1 or above.


Setting up

1. Start WordPress then navigate to [Webhook] under [Shifter] menu.

2. Input URL you want send container's URL to.

3. Select "Content-Type"

Choose application/x-www-form-urlencoded  or application/json 

4. (Optional) Send container's URL when WordPress starts

Check [Send on boot] if you want to container's URL when WordPress starts.

5. (Optional) Send with passwordless login URL

Check [Send with passwordless login URL] if you want to send magic link URL using webhook.
This feature enables webhook to add LOGIN_MAGIC_LINK into the body of the webhook. You can send magic link to someone when WordPress starts automatically.

6. Setting up has been completed

Let's test it.


Sending test request or sending request manually

1. Select [Send webhook] from [Shifter] menu on the top of a page.

2. Click [Execute]

3. The request had been sent

Click [OK] to close this pop-up window.

4. Check the webhook result on the control panel or a page of URL you've sent.

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