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Creating a New Team
Creating a New Team

This article will walk you through the process of setting up and inviting members to a new team in order to collaborate with other users.

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If you need to collaborate on development or updating content on your Shifter site, the best way to do so is through Shifter Teams.ย 

1. On the Shifter dashboard, navigate to "Teams"

2. Click the "Create New Team" button.

3. Fill out your team details and click the "Create" Button at the bottom of the panel.

4. Add the email addresses of Members you wish to add to your new team and click the "Send Invitation" button. You may return to this step later if you wish.

5. Select the sites that you wish to add to your team and click the "Add Sites" button

6. Alternatively, you may create a new site for your team. You may also return to this step later if you wish.ย 

That's it! If you run into any trouble while creating a new team, feel free to contact support.

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