In order for TOTP to work correctly, you'll need to install an authenticator app to your mobile device first. We've listed a few that we recommend below. 

Authenticator app


Enabling TOTP on Shifter

1. Login to Shifter dashboard

2. Navigate to Account

3. Scroll down to view your sites' Two-factor authentication settings


4. Select 'Time-based One-Time Password algorithm (TOTP)' and click 'update'.


5.  Using the authentication app of choice, scan the verification QR code. Input the code generated by your authenticator app, and click 'Verify'


6. To test TOTP settings, log out from the Shifter dashboard and log in again. 

Each time you log in, your authenticator app will generate a unique code after you have submitted your username and password. 

Enter the verification code generated by your authenticator app to complete log-in. 

That's all!

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