Google domains' DNS doesn't support ALIAS/ANAME record to apex domain (also naked domain), but also support domain forwarding to sub domain from apex domain.
Let's set it up.
In this example, we use the following records as a sample:

  • Domain: 

  • Sub domain: 

  • Shifter URL: 

  • CDN Raw Hostname:  

Setting up

1.Login to Google Domains Control Panel
2. Navigate to My domains
3. Click [Manage] button on your domain

4. Click [DNS] menu, and make sure [Use the Google Domains nameservers] is selected.

5. Scroll down to Synthetic records section, then setting up like the below, then click [ADD] to save changes.

  • Choose [Subdomain forward].

  • Input @ to [Subdomain] field,

  • Input your subdomain to [Destination URL] field (in this sample, ).

  • Choose [Temporary] or [Permanent]. (optional)

  • Choose [Do not forward path] or [Forward path]. (optional)

  • Choose [Disable SSL].

6. Scroll down to Custom resource records section, and set up like the following then click [ADD] button to save settings.

  • Input www to @ field

  • Choose [CNAME].

  • Input your Shifter URL (in this example, input ) or CDN Raw Hostname into [Domain name] field.

That's all.
Let's access your naked domain with your web browser and domain forwarding correctly.

Here is sample command with cURL and its result.

curl --head
HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2019 09:51:10 GMT
Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
Server: ghs
Content-Length: 217
X-XSS-Protection: 0
X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN
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