WordPress offers two types of pagination. Archive pages and post pagination.

Archive pages

Displays a paginated navigation to next/previous set of posts, when applicable with the_posts_pagination() function which has been supported since WordPress version 4.1.

Post content

Displays page links for paginated posts with using wp_link_pages() function (i.e. including the <!--nextpage-->  Quicktag one or more times).

If your theme or plugin adheres to the WordPress coding standards there is a very good chance you won't have an issue. Pagination is simple, and most of the time it just works.

  • Themes or plugins which is implementing with the_posts_pagination() and  wp_link_pages()  tags for pagination.

  • WP-PagiNavi plugin

Unsupported tags or plugins

If you are using or developed a custom pagination strategy there's only one way to know if it will work and that's testing it. We offer a free trial for this purpose before subscribing.

  • Users' or developers' originally created or fully customised functions.

  • Themes or plugins above original functions.

Development, test and debug

We strongly recommend using Shifter Local to develop or debug themes or plugins for Shifter. Shifter Local will give you a environment that matches our version of PHP, HTTP Gateway and more.

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