Shifter now supports outgoing Webhooks.

This feature can send requests to 3rd party locations using POST or GET based on a Shifter site lifecycle events.

Key features explained:

  • Method: POST/GET 
  • When POST  method is selected, data has JSON format BODY  and adds  Content-type: application/json header when it runs.
  • When GET  method is selected, it sends data as query parameters.
  • Adding custom headers to requests are optional.
  • All headers can be overwritten, except Content-type and User-Agent.

Event name: Artifact:Created

Once a newly created artifact is complete, this event is fired and can send the following data:

  • site_id : Site ID
  • artifact_id: Artifact ID
  • download_url : URL for downloading archived artifact as a TAR Archive file or tgz. BASE64 format, decode requires to handle. A download_url is available for three hours since the Webhook fired.

Shifter Webhook Examples


Send data as JSON format

  "site_id": "xxx-xxx..." ,
  "artifact_id": "xxx-xxx..." ,
  "download_url": "xxx-xxx-..."


Send data as a query parameter.



Do Shifter Webhooks support Basic Authentication or Digest Authentication?

Basic Authentication is supported. To use basic auth, add basic (base64-encoded-username:base64-encoded-password) to your header. 

Digest Authentication is not supported at this time.

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