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Gzip Compression Explained

Supporting gzip for static WordPress sites

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Gzip is a type of data compression. It works by compressing files so they are smaller in size making them faster to download and transfer.

This is particularly helpful to overall site speed and meeting requirements created by online testing tools such Page Speed Insights, Pingdom, GT Metrix and more.

Since sites on Shifter are purely static HTML, JS and CSS, using Gzip compression can add enormous benefits to the speed of your site. As much as 80% reduced file sizes are possible using Gzip.

Shifter supports Gzip by default on all WordPress sites. We apply this feature to your entire site using our Content Delivery Network (CDN) built using Amazon's CloudFront CDN service.

In addition to coverage using our CDN we also support compression at our many Edge Locations. Edge Locations can store and transfer data to your site visitors faster than a CDN alone.

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