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Create a questionnaire form using Typeform
Create a questionnaire form using Typeform

How to create a survey questionnaire using Typeform, their plugin, and WordPress.

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Typeform is the one of the easiest service creating survey or form. Moreover, it provides WordPress plugin to integrate with!

Let's set it up.


Step 1. Setup typeform account and create a form or a survey


Step 2. Get a Form URL

Click [Share] menu

Click [Copy] button

Step 3. Plugin installation

Search "Typeform" then install and activate it.

Step 4. Create a new post or page for Typeform


Step 5. Click [add typeform] button to add form


Step 6. Paste your Typeform URL

Input existing typeform's URL and click [OK]


Step 7. Form is set, let's publish and make a test


Step 8. If all clear, let's generate and publish.

That's all!

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