Shifter supports the following types of redirects:

  • 301 redirects for exact matches e.g. /foo  to /bar/baz 

  • Automatically added forward slash e.g. /foo to /foo/ 

Shifter does not support the following types of redirects:

  • Subdomain or top-level-domain (TLD) redirects e.g. www to non-www

  • TLD to subdomain redirects e.g. non-www to www

301 Redirects

We've added support for Shifter sites using the Redirection WordPress Plugin. If you are using this plugin, you will have support for exact match redirects.

Redirection on Shifter

Automatic Forward Slash

Since Shifter sites purely HTML served over CDN, forward slashes are a necessary component to locate the index.html page. This happens automatically, and there is nothing to configure.

Redirecting your entire domain name

At the time, Shifter does not provide support for redirecting a top-level-domain name or subdomain. Instead, we recommend setting up this feature at your DNS provider which most providers do offer. For more information on this, check out our guide.

Redirecting www to non-www and vice-versa

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