Shifter Local Explained

What is Shifter Local and how it's used to develop WordPress sites on your local machine

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Shifter local:

  • Provides all the necessary software to run a WordPress hosting environment locally

  • Can act as a drop in replacement for some tools like MAMP, WAMP, XAMPP, etc

  • Requires Docker and some basic CLI knowledge

  • Is completely open source and free to use

Prerequisites for Shifter Local

To use Shifter Local you must first install Docker and Docker Compose.

Test both installations with the following command in Terminal or your favorite CLI tool.

$ docker --version
$ docker-compose --version

How to use Shifter Local

Assuming that you have all the prerequisites installed, create a Shifter-Local WordPress Hosting environment with the following steps:

Using Terminal or your favorite CLI

Git clone or Download Shifter-Local

$ git clone

Change Directories

$ cd shifter-local

Start the Installation

$ docker-compose up -d

Accessing WordPress

Once the installation process is complete, you can access WordPress at the following address.

Note: you may receive a HTTPS warning since this is a self-signed cert running locally but you can bypass this by clicking the continue to c

That's it!

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