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Facebook Comments for WordPress on Shifter
Facebook Comments for WordPress on Shifter

How to set up and use Facebook Comments for WordPress sites on Shifter

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To enable dynamic comment functionality for WordPress sites hosted on Shifter, features such as Facebook Comments are one of the way to accomplish that.

Key features of Facebook Comments:

  • It's free to use

  • Requires a Facebook App ID and Facebook account

  • Replaces the native WordPress Commenting system

  • It's great for filtering spam

  • Works both on and off Shifter

To get started with Facebook Comments on Shifter begin by searching the WordPress Plugin directory.

There are several WordPress Plugin options available for Facebook Comments. In this example, we are going to use wpDevArt Facebook Comments based on it's frequency of updates and active installations.

Is wpDevArt Facebook Comments the best?

Maybe, maybe not. We suggest giving multiple options a try to see what works best for you.

Installing Facebook Comments

Search the WordPress Plugin directory for "Facebook Comments". Select, Install, and Activate wpDevArt Facebook Comments.

Create a Facebook App and obtaining your App ID

Log into Facebook and navigate to

For step by step instruction on obtaining a Facebook App ID, visit the official guide here.

Once you've created your App you should see the App ID at the top of your Dashboard. Add your App ID to the WordPress Plugin Settings.

Once your App ID is available you'll see that Facebook Comments is not the default method for commenting!

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