Using Shifter Safe Mode

If you cannot start or access WordPress or you are getting error notices, booting WordPress in Safe Mode will help you investigate the issue

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What is Safe mode?

Safe mode is an emergency action that starts WordPress without activating any plugins or themes. It will help you investigate issues or solve errors when there's a failure to boot WordPress.

Starting WordPress in Safe Mode

1. Navigate to [Emergency Action] menu under [Dev] menu on your site

2. Scroll down to the [Safe Mode] section

3. Check the type of Safe mode:

  • Deactivate all plugins

  • Deactivate all themes

4. Then click the [Start container in safe mode] button.

5. Log in to WordPress and check that safe mode is working.


No plugins are activated.


Default theme is activated (WordPress 4.9's default theme is TwentySeventeen)

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