What is an Emergency User?

An emergency user is a temporary user who holds an administrator role and enables WordPress login with enabling debug mode for WordPress if you cannot log in with your current username and password.
Team members may also create an emergency user. 


This feature will solve the following issues:

  • Forgotten username, password or email address.

  • Cannot reset a password with email because of wrong address has been set.

  • Cannot log in after migration.

  • Locked out from the WordPress dashboard. 

  • Enable debug mode on WordPress


How to use

1.  Navigate to "Dev" menu of your site to launch.

2. Scroll down to the "Emergency Actions" section, then click [Start container as emergency user].


3. Copy username and password then login to WordPress with them.

If you have missed copying temporary account information, stop WordPress and re-launch to get a new one.

That's all!

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