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How to resolve the timeout when generating or publishing an Artifact
How to resolve the timeout when generating or publishing an Artifact

Many files such as themes, plugins or media, and enabled automate publishing cause this issue.

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Delete unnecessary files, themes or plugins. (e.g. unused modules)

Let's trim WordPress down.

  1. Uninstall disabled themes and plugins.

  2. Remove unused files or modules in activated themes or plugins.


Switch to manual publish.

It's a good idea to publish an artifact manually, to avoid to publish corrupted files automatically.
Please check out the following document to disabled automate publish:
How to disable Automate publish


Take some time before publish

You have already uninstalled unused plugins or themes, removed unnecessary files but you got a timeout error: It has been a lot of time for transferring Theme or Plugin, let time pass to publish manually. Just wait 10 or 20 minutes to ready for publish.


Some suggestions for trimming down on WordPress.

A. Plugins may have lots of library or SDK files of external services.
Let's pack them into a phar file.

B. The theme may have Node.js which contains the whole of node_modules, for building its CSS.
Let's modify settings to bundle built CSS files and remove node_modules from the theme.

C. Migrated from other environments (self-hosted or managed hosted WordPress).
It may contain uncovered plugins by Shifter and they may occur fail of an Artifact generate. To solve this issue, import only articles. Then add plugin one by one, and check it works correctly.
After checking, generate and publish an artifact.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us!

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