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WordPress redirects on Shifter using the Redirection Plugin.
WordPress redirects on Shifter using the Redirection Plugin.

Shifter supports redirects with the Redirection plugin.

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Shifter supports simple one-by-one redirects.

Some examples

A. Redirect to a different website

Source URL  
Target URL:

B. Redirect to a different post or page: 

Source URL
Target URL

C. Strip the date from the URL: 

Source URL
Target URL
It may require changing the permalink structure to "Post name"

Shifter doesn't support advanced redirection 

  • Value without a trailing slash

  • Regular expressions

  • Pattern matches

  • Pass-throughs

  • Random posts

  • Redirect from the root directory to another directory, post or page. ( No single value of  /  is allowed to Source URL)

  • 404 not found error detections

Some examples


All redirects are converted to meta http-equiv="Refresh" so no HTTP 301/302 responses will be returned to the browsers.

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