How to get Preview URL

Step 1. Navigate to Staging

Click [Staging] menu on the left side menu.

Step 2. Click Preview button

Click the [Preview] button which is available next to the [Publish] button, if an Artifact is ready to publish.

Step 3. Generated Preview window pops-up

That's all!

No need to fix it anymore? Let's publish and make it public!
Check out Step 12 of Get Started with Shifter for publishing.

Note for this feature

Note 1:

This feature pops up a preview window. Some browsers and add-ons prevent it. Please check Unblock pop up window before trying this feature.

Note 2:

Preview pages will expire in 60 minutes. Click the [Preview] button again to reissue the URL or extend.

Note 3:

If you want to check your generated site before publishing, please disable the Auto Publish feature.
How to disable Auto Publish Artifact

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