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Removed or Disabled Plugins
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Some plugins are hard to run on Shifter and encumber Shifter's processes.
Here are lists of removed or disabled plugins to improve your Shifter experiences.

If you're looking for alternatives, please read our Doc: Common WP Plugins incompatible with Shifter—and their alternatives.

Disabled and removed plugins

  •  akismet

  •  hello

Disabled plugins

  •  autoptimize

  •  cache-enabler

  •  comet-cache

  •  head-cleaner

  •  hyper-cache

  •  litespeed-cache

  •  simple-cache

  •  sns-count-cache

  •  w3-total-cache

  •  woocommerce

  •  wp-fastest-cache

  •  wp-remote-manager-client

  •  wp-super-cache

  •  zencache-pro

  • under-construction-page

  • simple-maintenance-mode

  • other maintenance, under constructions or coming soon plugins.

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