Before setting up

Some DNS Provider supports ALIAS record. Here is a list on our document for it. If you had registered APEX domain --  or root domain/naked domain -- (a domain without www, blog or other prefix) for Shifter, you can also input or select the value of CDN raw Hostname  (e.g. ) which is provided on Shifter's Dashboard.

This help describes two samples of setting up ALIAS record on MuuMuu Domain and Route 53 of AWS.

 CDN raw Hostname is provided in Settings page of your site.
Before accessing DNS Provider, copy the value of CDN raw Hostname ( in this case it is, and paste into notepad, evernote or your favourite stickies.


Input or select the value of CDN raw Hostname  (e.g. ) -- provided on Shifter's Dashboard -- into Alias Target which will be displayed under No Targets Available under CloudFront Distributions on Route 53 console.

Then paste it to Alias Target and save changes.

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