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Debugging Generator errors with Shifter Local
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Documentation for Shifter-Local is found on Github. It's a project we created to help Shifter users test their themes, plugins and sites locally before migrating online.

Some plugins or coding practices create errors that can cause the Generator to hang or error out. Shifter-Local can help you identify those issues so you can resolve them, create tickets for plugin developers or send us feedback.

Generate Target

Shifter and Shifter-Local installs a few helper plugins. One of them is Shifter Artifact Helper and is installed as a MU or Must Use Plugin. This WordPress Plugin allows the Generator to create a list of URLs to generate.

This plugin reserves the parameter url and uses to output a list of URLs to generate.

For example:$number 

You can check the target to count up $number from 0 any numbers until the value is true on the finished in JSON.

An URL is available on Editor, but it returns 404 error after generate; the cause is the target list to generate does not contain it.

Please check our FAQ and tackle your theme file.

Shifter Article Helper welcomes your feedback! 

Please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking a chat bubble on Shifter dashboard or  creating issues / Pull Requests on Github.

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