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Pagination on Shifter
Pagination on Shifter
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Pagination on Shifter

Shifter will get  paginate link of "Pages" or "Posts", which returns ture of  is_single()  function, from the result of  wp_link_pages() function.  Shifter lists up URL should e generated from the result of wp_link_pages() function.
Shifter also generate pagination, if "Pages" have  wp_link_pages() function.

In case of the Page with templates which have pseudo-added-page-links.

The wp_link_pages() function will not create page links in this case. You should create paginate link by using filter hook wp_link_pages.
c.f. post-template.php line #L856 in tags/4.9.2/src/wp-includes

sample code

The filter hook is affected on post-template.php line #L938 in tags/4.9.2/src/wp-includes , so use filter hook  wp_link_pages .

Here is our sample code: 

add_filter( 'wp_link_pages', function( $output, $args ){
    // write some code here for modifying $output when the Page.
    return $output;
}, 10, 2 );

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