If you have an existing WordPress site, you can migrate your posts, pages, categories and more using the WordPress Importer Plugin



This plugin and process will migrate your WordPress content and attachments. It will not migrate plugins, themes, or custom settings.

Step 1. Export WordPress Content

  1. Login to WordPress.

  2. Navigate to [Tools] [Export]

  3. Choose  [All content]

  4. Click [Download Export File]

Step 2. Import and Setup WordPress on Shifter

1. Create Site.

2. Click [Start WordPress] to boot up WordPress

3. Access the WordPress Dashboard 

4. Complete the famous 5 minute install

Step 3. Import Content

1. Log in to WordPress.
2 Install, activate the WordPress Importer plugin
3. Upload and import content with XML backup


Using the WordPress XML export / import tool is simple but it's not a complete solution. You'll still need to install your plugins and themes,

Next Steps

At this point your new WordPress install should be set up with migrated content.

You're now ready to create a static version and deploy.

To create your first Artifact, follow our how to guide.

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