If you no longer need a site, or you wish to move your site away from Shifter, you may wish to delete your site. Before doing so, there are a couple of things to note:

  1. This process will fully delete your site and all of its associated data. This cannot be reversed. 

  2.  Your site will be deleted, but your Shifter account will remain active. If you wish to delete all of your sites and close your account, please see the article How to close your account.

How to delete site on Shifter

Step 1. Navigate to the site you wish to delete.

From the Shifter dashboard, select the site you wish to delete. 

Step 2. Remove any associated domains 
If error messages appear "Failed to delete the site", please check this section.

Click "Domain" from your site menu, then click the [Detach domain] button

Step 3. Navigate to "Setting" from your site's menu. 

Step 4. Scroll down to [Delete site] section

Step 5. Click the [Delete] button 

Step 6. Enter "DELETE" and hit [Delete] button

As a security feature to prevent accidental deletions, you'll need to enter the confirmation word: DELETE to confirm the deletion.

Step 7. Your site has been deleted

Once you've entered the keyword, the button that is activated will turn red. Click this button to finish deleting your site.

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