If you migrate an existing WordPress site to Shifter from another hosting provider that site may include something called MU-Plugins.

MU-Plugins are "Must Use" Plugins. They are called that because they are always on, they cannot be deactivated or deleted from the WordPress Dashboard. Most of these plugins do a lot of helpful things and it's common for a hosting provider to offer them.

At Shifter, we install a few automatically on each site. They include a helper plugin for our static site generator, another helper plugin that works with Redis cache and more. In short, they are necessary while using this platform.

If there's a plugin from a previous hosting provider or a MU-Plugin that's giving you trouble this is one way to remove it.

Important Notes:

  1. Be careful when modifying your site manually. There is not undo action when removing entire folders so be careful.
  2. Shifter manages the WordPress side of things. If you made an error within WordPress itself, just start and stop your WordPress container or reach out for help.
  3. Don't remove Shifter related MU Plugins. Most of them are necessary some of them are helpers. If you have a question about any, please ask us! 👍🏼

How to remove MU Plugins

1. Install File Manager

Start by installing the File Manager WordPress plugin. There are a few in the plugin directory and for this example I've installed the top result.

2. Navigate to wp-content

After installing and activating File Manager you can navigate to the WordPress Content (wp-content) folder. There you'll find folders such as plugins, mu-plugins, themes, uploads, and more.

Open up the ./mu-plugins/ folder and locate the Must Use plugin you want to remove. Right click on that plugin's folder and delete it.

That's it!

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