Checking the current plan of each site

You can check plans on a per-site basis under the "Current Plan" section in the site settings on the Shifter Dashboard. This label notes that a site was launched for any pricing changes.

1. Login and navigate to 'Sites" on the Shifter dashboard

2. If you see the [L] icon on the left shoulder of the plan, it's a Legacy plan.

3.Click the Legacy Plan site

4. Click [Informations] menu

5. Confirm the [Current Plan] is "Legacy Plan"

Upgrade your Shifter Plan to a Tier plan

Please refer to the following document to upgrade to a Tier plan for each site.

Checking the Legacy plan subscriptions

1.Click the [Account] menu on the top of the right of the Shifter dashboard

2. Click the [Subscription] menu

3. Check the Legacy plan (Personal/Business/Agency/Agency Plus)

In this sample, Agency Plus is subscribed.

Stop Legacy plan subscription

1. Delete all Legacy plan sites

See Deleting a Site how to do.

Note: Once you cancel the plan, the sites associated with the legacy plan will be deleted completely.

2. Navigate to the [Subscription] under [Account] menu

3. Click the [Cancel] button on the Legacy plan

Downgrading, Upgrading, and Modifying Legacy Plans

You may no longer upgrade or downgrade from a Legacy Plans to another Legacy Plan. There is currently a feature in the works which will enable you to migrate a Legacy Plan to a new plan.

If you have any questions or run into any problems, feel free to contact support. 

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