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XML Sitemaps (Google Sitemap XML)
XML Sitemaps (Google Sitemap XML)
User guide for adding Google XML Sitemap to your WordPress site on Shifter
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Setting up XML sitemap on Google XML Sitemaps 

1. Install and activate the plugin

2. Access robots.txt 

Virtual robots.txt is generated. Let's access it.
For example, if the running WordPress URL is , add /robots.txt to the tail of that URL to access it.

Sample robots.txt:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

3. Check the sitemap.xml

Sitemap's URL for an app will be like this: .

XML Sitemap Index generated by Google XML Sitemaps plugin

4. Disable notification settings

To avoid sending temporary URLs to search engines, uncheck the following two checkboxes under [Basic Option]

  • Notify Google about updates of your site

  • Notify Bing (formerly MSN Live Search) about updates of your site

5. Generate and deploy artifact

After checking the sitemap file, let's make it public.
Click [Generate Artifact] button

6. Check robots.txt file again.

Access your Shifter site by adding /robots.txt  to the tail of the URL.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

7. Access deployed site and its generated sitemap.xml

The sitemap's URL on deployed site will be like this: or 

XML Sitemap Index generated by Google XML Sitemaps plugin on deployed site

That's all!

The search engine's crawler will now access the XML Sitemap through robots.txt.

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