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[Deprecated] Enabling SMS based Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)
[Deprecated] Enabling SMS based Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)
2FA/MFA adds more security for logging into the Shifter Dashboard for every registered user
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SMS based Multi-factor Authentication is deprecated now.

Please use Time-based One-Time Password algorithm (TOTP) instead of SMS-based.

Shifter provides multi-factor authentication (MFA)  in two ways: 

  • SMS based

  • Time-based One-Time Password algorithm (TOTP)

We describe how to enable SMS based MFA on this document.


If you're thinking to handle Shifter with API, never enable this feature; currently, it is irreconcilable with this MFA.

When you lost an MFA device

Contact the support desk with your registered email address and domain name.
We love to help you.


Setting up

1. Login to Shifter dashboard

To get started with Multi-Factor Auth on Shifter log in to your account and navigate to your Account Settings.

2. Click [Account]

3. Make sure Two-factor authentication status is "Disabled"

Before you make any changes to your account check that this feature is off. You wouldn't want to get locked out of you own account.

4. Confirm or Update your Phone number

This step is crucial! Don't skip it. You need to be sure that your contact number is correct and you can access it. It will be your primary way to receive your auth code.

5. Enable Two-factor Authentication

Now that your number is validated you can enable 2FA.
Choose SMS then click [Update] button

6. Logout and login again

Let's check MFA works on your account. Login with email/username and password as you normally would. After that you'll get a prompt for a unique auth code.

Welcome back!

You've now added an additional layer of security to your static WordPress sites on Shifter.

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